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University of Campinas - UNICAMP

University of Campinas - UNICAMP

The University of Campinas - Unicamp is a public university funded by the State of São Paulo, Brazil. Unicamp was officially established on October 5, 1966. Although considered a young institution, Unicamp has already developed a strong tradition in education, research and services to society. Unicamp has strong undergraduate and graduate programs covering a wide range of areas in science, technology, health, humanities, and arts.

Unicamp operates in four campuses located in three cities: Campinas, the main Campus with eighteen schools and colleges; Piracicaba (the School of Dentistry); and Limeira (the School of Applied Sciences and the School of Technology).Unicamp’s main campus is located 16km from downtown Campinas, in a city district named Barão Geraldo.
Originally named for its meadows, Campinas was founded in 1774 and is today an important and growing educational, industrial and financial center with over one million inhabitants.

Campinas has a rich cultural life. The city has its own Symphony Orchestra – considered one of Brazil’s best – cinemas, theatres, parks, malls and regional and international restaurants. There are also many “barzinhos” (pubs), were people often meet to hear great music. Campinas is also the home of two popular soccer teams: Guarani and Ponte Preta.
Recreation in the vicinity of Campinas is also rich and varied.
São Paulo, one of the world’s largest cities and an important cultural center, is located 100 kilometers southeast of Campinas – a one-hour ride by car or bus. In addition, many country resorts and parks are accessible, offering a taste of life in the “interior” (countryside). Finally, the famous São Paulo beaches of the coast are only a two-hour drive away.
Campinas is served by a good transportation network, with bus service being the most common form. The Viracopos International Airport is also located within 30 minutes from Campus.

Student Mobility Office

Main Library Building (Prédio da Biblioteca Central) - Campinas Tel + 55 19 3521-7145

Daniel Cantinelli Sevillanodaniel.sevillano@reitoria.unicamp.brAssistant - Incoming and Outgoing Students from/to Germany, Spain, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and Colombia

Sandra Lovatto - sandra@reitoria.unicamp.brAssistant - Incoming and Outgoing Students from/to Latin America

Mariana Pereira - mariana.pereira@reitoria.unicamp.brAssistant - Incoming and Outgoing Students from/to North America, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the following European countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain and Italy.

Courses are offered in all schools:

Unicamp has few courses offered in English at the present time.
Some graduate courses are offered at the Institute of Computing, Institute of Mathematics, Institute of Human Sciences and Philosophy, Dentistry, and Engineering.
These courses may vary and it’s important to consult the institute for more information.

There is one Master course in the Institute of Economics offered entirely in English: Masters Programme “Social Economy and Labour”. You can find more information on the following website:

There is also a Bioenergy Ph.D. program. More information on