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Central University of Technology

Central University of Technology

 Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT), established in 1981, is the foremost higher education institution in the heartland of South Africa, dedicated to quality education and training in science, engineering and technology. CUT has developed into a leading institution able to take its place on the national, as well as international, higher education landscape.


CUT offers a wide range of qualifications in its four faculties, namely Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Management Sciences, and Faculty of Humanities. CUT also commands respect with its relevant research.




Water Resources and Pollution Treatment




1.    Unit for Sustainable Water and Environment (USWE)


The vision of the USWE is to become a regional knowledge hub for sustainable use and management of water and environment for socioeconomic development. USWE aims to provide scientific information on sustainable use of water for strategic decision support, and in doing so, enhance water security and sustainable environment.



2.    Hydrology and Water Resources Management


South Africa is classified as one of the water stressed countries and as a result requires sufficient skill in this sector in order to deal with the challenges of water security and climate change. This educational programme was developed in response to the national need in the development of skill in the water sector. In this programme students are expected to deal with surface and groundwater, addressing both water quantity and quality, learning to understand human influences on the hydrological system, and apply tools, such as modelling, for the proper integration of hydrological knowledge and analysis in water resources planning and management.


3.    Water Engineering


The Water Engineering educational programme is offered at post-graduate level (Master of Engineering) articulating with the undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and a doctorate degree. The programme aims to deepen the knowledge, insight and skills for hydraulic engineering and hydrology from a Civil Engineering field perspective. The programme focuses on the management and development of water resources and water flows and quality in the natural environment, while addressing the multidisciplinary character of human activities dealing with water. The specializations within this programme explore natural and human influences on the water cycle, from the perspectives of civil engineering. This programme has direct relevance to sustainable development because it prepares graduates to improve the management of human impact on water resources, design simulation models for various phases of the water cycle, and develop methods of reducing the impact of water-related natural hazards.


4.    Environmental Health


The educational programme is within the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences and includes the Unit of Applied Food Science and –Biotechnology. The programme focus on the inter relationships of the human living and working environments and the environment (exposure to physical, chemical and biological agents, air water and noise pollution and associated health effects). Currently it is a three year diploma programme with post graduate studies focussing on speciality subjects including water and wastewater. When the new B.Sc. programme will be introduced, we will continue to offer postgraduate qualifications. This programme has been designed to train Environmental Health Practitioners and the postgraduate research projects have an environmental or environmental health sub theme. The water and wastewater theme is popular among the postgraduate students. We offer postgraduate studies on a masters and doctoral level: Master of Health Sciences in Environmental Health and the Doctor Technologiae: Environmental Health. We have a strong research focus and within the faculty we also appoint post-doctoral students as well as researchers in the faculty on a contract basis.


Current research initiatives on water resources and environment



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Prof Yali Woyessa