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IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kharagpur, officially known as the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur was founded on August 18, 1951 in Hijli, Kharagpur, which is in the eastern part of India. IIT Kharagpur started its journey in the old Hijli Detention Camp where some of our great freedom fighters toiled and sacrificed their lives for the independence of our country. On September 15, 1956, the Parliament of India passed the Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur) Act declaring this institute as an Institute of National Importance. IIT Kharagpur has been serving the nation as an institution of higher learning and research in engineering, technology, science, medical science and technology, management and law for over half a century.

Currently, the Institute consists of 19 academic departments, 08 centers of excellence and 12 schools, has around 650 members of faculties, and more than 11000 students on the campus.

  • Undergraduate students being more than 6000;
  • Postgraduate students being more than 4000;

The institute is known for its high quality education, and features among the top engineering institutes in the world.

In 2016, the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) university ranking services, ranked IITKGP as the ‘most employable institute in the country.’ The 2016 QS Global University rank being 286. There are several departments in this institute which are very highly ranked globally by QS, e.g. the Civil Engineering Dept, Material Science, Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing (all between 51-100), Chemical Engineering Department(101-150), and Mechanical Engineering Department (51-100).The international reputation of IITKGP is also accentuated by IITKGP’s strong alumni network. Among all IITs, IIT Kharagpur has the largest sylvan campus, spread over 2100 acres and has a self-contained township of over 15,000 inhabitants, the most number of departments, and the highest number of student enrollment. IIT Kharagpur is also popular for its grand student festivals like the Spring Fest (Social and Cultural Festival) and the Kshitij (Asia's largest Techno-Management Festival).

IIT Kharagpur has been nominated to be a participating institution under the BRICS NU programme in the thematic area of Computer Science and Information Security.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in particular has been recognized all over the world for excellence in research and teaching. The department has a thriving research environment with active research groups in the areas of Algorithms and Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Complex and Social Networks, Data and Web Mining, Formal Methods, Information and System Security, Software Engineering, and Systems and Networking.

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Thematic Priorities of IIT, Kharagpur in the BRICS Network University (BNU):

The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India has identified Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IITKGP) as the participating institute in the thematic area of “Computer Science and Information Security (CSIS)”. Hence, Computer Science and Information Security (CSIS) are the thematic priorities of IIT-Kharagpur in the BRICS Network University.

The educational programmes offered to BRICS NU:

The Computer Science and Information Security (CSIS) which is offered to BRICS NU is handled by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. Graduates from the department are heavily recruited by both academia and industry, and ex-students of the department occupy top positions in both academia and industry all over the world. There is a draft proposal of activities at IIT Kharagpur under BNU and the programmes will be made available as and when they are decided. The modalities regarding collaborative procedures that are to be established with respect to BRICS NU are also being decided.

Draft Proposal of Activities at IIT Kharagpur under BNU:

The BNU activities at IITKGP shall be designed as an umbrella programme which will include various sub-programmes as indicated below:


  1. Faculty/Scholar Visits:

    Under this programme, selected faculty members from highly ranked BRICS universities/R&D organisations/Industry would be invited to participate in academic programmes of IIT Kharagpur. To facilitate participation, such faculty may be invited to visit IIT Kharagpur for a period of two weeks or more, if agreeable. During these two weeks they will engage in activities such as delivering course lectures as required by an adjunct faculty, guiding the research of jointly supervised students, participating in short courses etc. They would also pursue their proposed research agenda in the host institute jointly with its faculty and students.  Similarly faculty members/researchers/ post doctoral fellows from IIT Kharagpur can also visit BRICS universities.
  1. Collaborative Research:

    The programme would involve funding of proposals on research projects of relevance to participating BRICS countries jointly formulated by one or more BNU partners. While the BNU partners may avail of existing provisions of collaborative research, it is recommended that special funding provisions be created to foster collaborations among participating institutions of the BNU.
  1. Student Visits:

    Student visits may be organized under several categories:
    1. Programmes may be designed to assist meritorious students at BRICS academic institutes to visit IIT Kharagpur with international activities that are not funded by other sources. Such programme will help deserving students to transform their skills at the international level. Such activities may include participation in:
      • Research programmes.
      • Volunteer programmes.
      • Various international competitions.
      • International conferences.
      • International internships and co-op placements.
    2. Programmes may be designed to motivate BRICS students to excel in their academic endeavors at IIT Kharagpur under its academic programmes. It will provide appropriate financial assistance in order to attract and enable more meritorious and needy international students enter IIT Kharagpur. Students may be admitted under various schemes depending on the current policy, such as through credit exchange with other universities, joint doctoral guidance etc. Similarly, IIT Kharagpur students may also be funded to visit appropriate BRICS NU institutes on study abroad, semester exchange and other such schemes.
  2. Joint Degree and Certificates Programme:

ITKGP already has joint Ph.D. programme approved with several other foreign universities. Similar joint or dual Ph.D. programmes with other universities are also under discussion. The institute has recently started a multi-institutional postgraduate programme with two other institutes of India which are in high demand among students. Similar programmes with a few other reputed international institutions are also under discussion. Such joint multi-institutional programmes may be developed under BNU with reputed institutes of other BRICS countries if appropriate.


IITKGP is glad to participate in the new initiative of BNU and very hopeful about the outcome. The institute envisions several programmes on teaching, research, innovation or interaction jointly with students, faculty and researchers which would enrich its experience and help it develop and mature as a global institution of excellence.

  • URL of the programme’s web-page is not yet available and will be posted when available.
  • The contact information of the people responsible for each of these programmes will be made available as and when the programmes are finalized.

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