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MPEI (Moscow Power Engineering Institute)

MPEI (Moscow Power Engineering Institute)

MPEI is one of the main technical universities in Russia in the field of Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Radio Engineering and Electronics, Informatics and Computer Science. It was founded in 1930.

In 1992 MPEI obtained a status of Technical University, in 2010 - status of "National Research University".

MPEI has trained engineers and scientists to foreign countries since 1946. At present more than 900 MPEI foreign graduates are working in 118 countries.

Since 1995 training of both Bachelor and Master foreign students on the program “Informatics and Computer Engineering” is organized in English medium.

MPEI students have a chance to study at one of the most prestigious universities of Russia according to numerous rankings and surveys. For more than eighty- years of history MPEI have trained a huge number of the qualified engineers, prominent scientists who were standing at the origins of many technical achievements, in particular, of laser creation.

At MPEI the Nobel Prize winners A.D. Sakharov and P.A. Cherenkov worked in different periods. In the 20th century in the Special Design Bureau of MPEI, which possesses its own Center of Deep Space Communication, radio images of the Venus surface and a reverse side of the Moon were obtained for the first time.



National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” is ready to develop cooperation within the following Master programs:

Field of study “Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering

  • Electrical Power Plants and Substations
  • Electrical Systems and Networks, its Modes, Stability, Reliability and Quality of Electrical Energy
  • Optimization of Structures, Parameters and Modes of Electrical Supply Systems and Effectiveness Increase of its Functioning
  • Engineering and Electrical Physics of High Voltages
  • Energy Installations on the Basis of Renewable Energy Sources
  • Hydro-Power Installations
  • Relay Protection and Automation of Electrical Power Systems
  • Management in Electrical Power Engineering
  • Electromechanical Energy Conversion and Methods of Investigation
  • Electrical Apparatuses for Energy Control and Distribution
  • Electrical Technology Processes and Installations with Systems of Control and Power Supply
  • Electrical Drive and Automatics
  • Electrical Materials Science, Physics and Engineering of Electrical Isolation, Cables and Electrical Capacitors
  • Motion Theory of Electrical Rolling-Stock and Optimization Problems of Haulage Equipment and Devices for Electric Supply of Transport Systems
  • Electrical, Electromechanical and Electronic Systems of Autonomous Objects
  • Engineering and Information Support of Construction and Functioning of Supply Sources, Networks and Objects of Electrical Systems of Consumers
  • Man-Caused Safety in Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering
  • Field of study “Thermal Power Engineering and Heat Engineering”
  • Thermal Power Plants: schemes, technological processes, auxiliary equipment, systems and installations
  • Technology of Water and Fuel in Power Engineering
  • Theoretical Fundamentals of Heat Engineering
  • Automated Control Systems for Objects of Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants
  • Effective Thermal Power Engineering systems of Enterprises and Housing and Communal Services
  • Energetics of Heat Technologies
  • Energy Supply of Enterprises. Heat-and-Mass Exchange Processes and Installations
  • Energy Supply of Enterprises. High-Temperature processes and Installations
  • Innovative Technologies in Thermal Power Engineering and Heat Engineering
  • Autonomous Power Engineering Systems. Hydrogen and Electric-Chemical Power Engineering

Field of study “Nuclear Power Engineering and Thermophysics

  • Thermophysics and Molecular Physics
  • Physical-Engineering Problems of Nuclear Power Engineering
  • Low Temperatures Physics and Engineering
  • Applied Plasma Physics and Controllable Thermonuclear Fusion
  • Nano-Technologies and Nano-Materials in Power Engineering

Field of study “Applied Mechanics

  • Dynamics and Strength of Machines, Instruments and Equipment

Field of study “Mechatronics and Robotics

  • Computer Technologies for Control in Robotics and Mechatronics

Field of study “Power Engineering Machinery

  • Power Installations on Organic and Nuclear Fuel
  • Gas-Turbine, Steam-Turbine Installations and Engines
  • Research and Design of Automatic Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems, Machines and Aggregates
  • Power Engineering Equipment Manufacturing

Field of study “Applied Mathematics and Informatics

  • Mathematical and Software Support for Computers and Computing Networks
  • Mathematical Modeling

Field of study “Informatics and Computer Engineering

  • Computing Machines, Complexes, Systems and Networks
  • Computing-Measuring Systems
  • Program and Project Management
  • Automated Systems for Information Processing and Control

Field of study “Control in Engineering Systems

  • Control and Informatics in Engineering Systems
  • Systems and Technical Means of Automation and Control

Field of study “Instrumentation

  • Instruments and Methods of Quality Inspection and Diagnostics

Field of study “Electronics and Nano-Electronics

  • Solid-State Micro- and Nano-Electronics
  • Electronic Devices and Instruments
  • Industrial Electronics And Microprocessor Engineering
  • Optical-Electronic Devices and Systems
  • Theoretical and Applied Light Engineering
  • Quantum Electronics

Field of study “Radio Engineering

  • Radio Engineering Systems
  • Radio Engineering Methods and Devices for Signal Formation

Field of study “Bioengineering Systems and Technologies

  • Radio Engineering in Bioengineering and Medical apparatuses and Systems

National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” works in the following thematic groups:

  • Energy
  • Computer science and informational security
  • · Water resources and pollution treatment

MPEI responsible persons:

ITG Energy:

Prof. Igor N. Zhelbakov
Director of MPEI Center of International Educational Programs
ITG Energy coordinator
Phone: +7 495 362-7214

ITG Computer science and informational security:

Dr. Sergey V. Vishniakov
Head of MPEI Department of Electrophysics of Information Systems
university coordinator
Phone: +7 495 362-7655

ITG Water resources and pollution treatment:

Dr. Konstantin A. Orlov
As.Prof. of MPEI Department of Thermal Power Plants
university coordinator
Phone: +7 495 362-7157