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MSU (Moscow State University)

MSU (Moscow State University)

Official name: Lomonosov Moscow State University

Date of establishment: 1755 (January 24th )

Number of the students:

- 25 200 undergraduates

- 7 920 postgraduates;

- 5058 international students

Comprehensive university

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  • Responding to Climate Change
  • Public Diplomacy
  • Political Globalistics
  • BRICS in the Global World
  • Global Social and Demographic Processes
  • Topical problems of Global Studies and International Affairs


Faculty of Global Studies of the Lomonosov Moscow State University

 is interested in:


  • We offer to develop innovative academic cooperation to the BRICS audience of professionals;
  • Participants with different professional backgrounds share their experiences in interactive group discussions and assignments. They become co-producers in joint knowledge networks;
  • Activities are aimed at generating new knowledge and insights and then spreading these throughout the participating networks;
  • These activities include the development and supervision of online debates, commissioned research, workshops combining online and face-to-face experiences and consultancy and strategy development;
  • To contribute to caring out the researches relevant to the improving of living conditions in BRICS countries;
  • To design new competencies (general and professional) for the experts in BRICS countries;
  • Multidisciplinary innovative research areas;
  • Mandatory in-country stay for academics;
  • Academic profiles mutual exchange in the priority fields;
  • Exchange opportunities for publications;
  • Support bright researchers with great ideas to develop their concept and form international research teams;
  • Winter / Summer Scientific Schools;
  • We are committed to fostering the next generation of researchers to develop cutting-edge professional skills;
  • We believe the Schools provide the great opportunities for postgraduate students and early career researchers from BRICS countries and will serve as a bridge between our countries.



Oleg Alekseenko, PhD, Deputy Dean of FGS Lomonosov MSU

ITG Member of the BRICS NU



Phone: +7 (926) 491 69 99