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International Governing Board

International Governing Board (IGB) is the main governing body of the BRICS Network University. Its Regulations were adopted at the first meeting of the IGB on April 8th, 2016 in Ekaterinburg, Russia. According to these Regulations, the main functions of the BRICS NU IGB include

  • approval of the annual Action Plan of the BRICS NU;
  • making decisions on the implementation of the principles of support of the activities of the BRICS NU in consonance with the MOU;
  • approval of changes in the structure, composition and knowledge fields of the BRICS NU;
  • approval of the statutes of the International Thematic Groups;
  • coordination and review of the implementation of the Action Plan on the basis of annual reports from the International Thematic Groups and National Coordinating Committees;
  • developing strategic directions for the BRICS NU.

Being the main strategic body of the BRICS NU, the Board consists of the representatives of the national ministries of education and of the community of the university participants of the BRICS NU. Each country is represented in the BRICS NU IGB by three members.

The members of the IGB are chosen according to the national procedures, but not less than for two years. 

The current members of the BRICS NU IGB are as follows.

For Brazil:

  • Mrs. Connie McManus Pimentel, 

    Director of International Relations (DRI), Brazilian Federal Agency for  Support and Evaluation of Higher Education (CAPES), 
  • Mr. Leandro Gomes Cardoso, Head of the International Affairs Office,

    Ministry of Education (MEC),
  • Mr. Anísio Brasileiro de Freitas Dourado, Rector of the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), 

    National Association of Presidents of Federal Institutions for Higher Education (Andifes), 

For Russia:

  • Mr.Alexander Sobolev, Head of the Department of the State Policy in the Sphere of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Science
  • Mr. Vladimir Timonin, Deputy Head of the Department of the State Policy in the Sphere of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Science
  • Mr. Maxim Khomyakov, Vice-Rector for International Relations of Ural Federal University and a Head of Russian National Coordinating Committee

For India:

  • Mr. Vinay Sheel Oberoi, Secretary (Higher Education), Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India
  • Mr. Devang Khakhar, Director of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombey
  • Mr. Ved Prakash, Chairman of the University Grants Commission

For China:

The permanent members are to be appointed

For South Africa:

  • Ms. Diane Parker (permanent member), Deputy Director-General, University Branch; Department of Higher education and Training, Ministry of Higher Education
  • Dr. Sizwe Mabizela (Permanent/Primary member), Vice Chancellor, Rhodes University 
  • Prof. Ahmed Bawa (Alternate/Secondary Member) Vice-Chancellor of the Durban University of Technology
  • Prof. Cheryl de la Rey (Permanent/Primary member), Vice Chancellor, University of Pretoria

A copy of the IGB Regulations can be downloaded from here