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The second meeting of the BRICS NU IGB

The second meeting of the BRICS Network University International Governing Board. The fourth BRICS ministerial meeting on education.

On September 27th, 2016 at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, the second meeting of the IGB of the BRICS NU took place.

The meeting has been attended by the IGB members of all BRICS countries except China. Chinese side, however, agreed to take the IGB meeting decisions into account and to approve them officially in due time. The agenda of the BRICS NU IGB meeting included discussions on the ways the BRICS NU project develops, consideration of the plans and reports of the six International Thematic Groups (ITGs), and discussion on the documents of the BRICS NU regulations and BRICS NU statute. The Mumbai IGB meeting approved the ITGs reports and their plans, but highlighted necessity of the proper coordination between different ITGs plans, as well as emphasized need of more active involvement of all BRICS NU universities into the activity of the ITGs. The IGB meeting has also generally approved the IGB regulations and the ITG statute, which after due considerations and approval by the Chinese side will be signed by the representatives of all BRICS nations. As far as the ways the BRICS NU project develops IGB meeting commented on the need to define proper material support of the BRICS NU project by all BRICS countries.


The IGB decisions have been discussed in details during the fourth BRICS ministerial meeting on education held in New Delhi on September 30th, 2016. The New Delhi declaration on education adopted by the ministerial meeting emphasized uniqueness of the BRICS NU project and highlighted necessity of its further development. The idea of holding the BRICS NU annual conference has been also thoroughly supported by the meeting and has been mentioned in the declaration.


The text of the BRICS New Delhi declaration can be downloaded here.