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The Second Summer/Winter School of the BRICS Network University "BRICS and Sustainable Development"

The Second Summer/Winter School of the BRICS Network University "BRICS and Sustainable Development", organized by the Center of International Cooperation of World Economy and International Affairs, ended on July 5.


The school was held in a marathon format - 8 days in a row, from June 28 to July 5 students from 10 countries listened to two lectures per day from leading experts from all the BRICS countries.

The programme of the School included a block of lectures on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in each of the BRICS countries, which were read by Leonid Grigoryev (HSE, Russia), Nilanjan Ghosh (Observer Research Foundation, India), Alexandre Gori Maia (University of Campinas, Brazil), Thulisile Mphambukeli (National Research Foundation, South Africa), Zhu Jiejing (Fudan University, China).

The second block of lectures, dedicated to specific Sustainable Development Goals, was delivered by Anastasia Likhacheva (HSE University), Igor Makarov (HSE University), Tatiana Pospelova (Moscow State University), Alexey Naumov (Moscow State University), Alexandra Morozkina (HSE University), Victoria Pavlyushina (Analytical Center at Government of the Russian Federation) and Valeria Gorbacheva (NRC BRICS).

After the lectures, the students worked on group projects in which they were asked to develop measures for the implementation of specific SDGs by the BRICS countries. The group presentations took place on July 5th, where 6 groups introduced their findings. The presentations were highly appreciated by an international expert commission consisting of teachers from partner universities in the International Thematic Group “Economics” of the BRICS NU, as well as experts from the BRICS National Research Committee (BRICS NRC).

In addition to the rich academic program, the students of the school also took part in a quiz dedicated to the culture and history of Russia, as well shared some interesting features of their own countries.

Thank you very much for this Summer/Winter School! All lectures were amazing!

- Danielle Berini

I'd like to highlight that this summer/winter school has been a great learning experience for me and I learned so much not only with all the lectures but also by everyone's comments and participation!

- Ana Carolina Costa

Excellent opportunity! Thank you so much for the work put in this. It's perceptible how careful you all were.

- Júlio César Leal

All seminars were extremely interesting and raised great issues for us to consider and advance new areas of cooperation among BRICS. Also, thank you for all the colleagues who were really dedicated in their presentations.

- Talita Pinotti