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INTERNATIONAL YOUTH FORUM “BRICS PLUS” The first stage of the Forum on the online platform ZOOM 14-15 DECEMBER 2021, INDIA



The first stage of the Forum on the online platform ZOOM

14-15 DECEMBER 2021, INDIA


The International Youth Forum "BRICS PLUS" was held on 14-15 December 2021. Due to some COVID-19 restrictions it was decided to hold the first part of the forum online and the second part of it will be held offline in 2022.

BRICKS PLUS International Youth Forum is aimed to bring together youth leaders, public organizations, youth activists, scientists, entrepreneurs and students from BRICS countries and friendly countries to provide a better understanding and knowledge about BRICS and develop future cooperation in the fields of culture, science, youth, sports, business and creative industry.

At the opening session of the forum participants were addressed with a welcome speech by Mikhail Ktitorov, Counsellor (Culture), Russian Embassy in India, Larisa Efremova, Vice-rector for international affairs, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Valeria Chernogorodova, Head of the Department of International Affairs, the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs of Russia "Rosmolodezh".

Larisa Efremova noted "The Russian side pays great attention to the holding of this event, because the BRICS PLUS International Youth Forum is aimed at developing inclusive leadership and partnership in international youth cooperation and will bring together more than 200 youth leaders, public organizations, scientists, entrepreneurs and students from 33 countries of the world. All this will create a positive image of BRICS among young people from the participating countries and form new ideas for cooperation within the framework of BRICS."

The Forum has created a positive image of BRICS among the youth of different countries and has become a platform for the development of partnerships at the youth level, the dissemination of additional information about the BRICS countries. All this will lead to the strengthening of youth cooperation within the framework of BRICS and will use the dissemination and development of previously achieved results, promoting new ideas and attracting new partners from other countries for close cooperation and the creation of a new form of cooperation.

Angelina Osipova, Head of the Department of Organizational and Financial Support of international projects and Coordination of cooperation with network universities, made a presentation at the forum on the international educational project "BRICS Network University":

"Today, cooperation and mutual assistance of the BRICS partner states in supporting and developing educational institutions, students and teachers who are forced to adapt to new learning formats that have become an integral part of the educational process are more important than ever. At the same time, it is necessary to rely on existing experience and projects in the field of educational cooperation, one of which is the BRICS Network University."

The second day of the Forum began with the plenary session "The role of public diplomacy in strengthening cooperation at the level of people in the BRICS Plus sphere", which was moderated by Suzanne Chelsea Zerin, Assistant Director of the BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Industry.

Also an interesting and motivating session of the forum was the "Expert Session: Delegate presentations of projects", moderated by Anna Popkova, Deputy Director for International Activities of the Institute of Environmental Engineering of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University).


“The mission of expert session was to gather young active people from different regions of BRICS and create a discussion platform for the exchange of ideas and get feedback on developed projects. The mission was implemented excellent. The participants’ projected were developed at the high level and devoted for solving extremely actual social and environmental problems and correspond to main Sustainable Development Goals. Why we pay such focus on youth projects? The link between youth and economic, social and green growth should be a straightforward one: young people get on in life, and the economy grows with every step they take.” said Anna Popkova.

The forum was concluded with the virtual group photo and closing words by Lyudmila Sekacheva, Kira Ivanova and Akil Mohammad. Participants of the forum thanked the organizers for hosting the event and bringing them together to make new connections.

“In my opinion we concluded the forum with good results and amazing learning experience. We were able to bring young leaders from more than 30 countries with having interest in engaging with BRICS. All the participants were very energetic and full of enthusiasm. We tried to give an opportunity to our delegates to discuss their ideas and projects to develop collaborations internationally for the realization of their ideas. We received more than 300 applications for participation in the forum which including 100 applications with projects in the sphere international cooperation, public diplomacy, business, art and culture. 16 most interesting projects were presented to experts for feedback. I am sure that in the near future we will see many of these projects being practically implemented. We need self-motivated, initiators and innovators to build a strong youth community within BRICS+ format for a bright and peaceful future. These kinds of educational forums really help connecting brilliant minds from different countries and hopefully we would be able to host the event next year in India in offline format” said Akil Mohammad on the successful completing of the forum.

The second stage of the forum will take place in 2022 in India to work on the practical implementation of the projects presented during online stage. It is also planned to organize a mini-BRICS walk to symbolize intra-BRICS people-to-people contacts and the foundation of "Garden of Friendship & Peace" will be laid down where delegates from each participating country will plant a tree.