network of new opportunities
ITGs gathered during the First International Forum of the BRICS NU (April 2016)

On April 7-8th, 2016 for the first time in history the six international thematic groups of the BRICS network university gathered at Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg, Russia) to discuss substantial issues of the university collaboration in the main knowledge priority fields, envisaged by the Memorandum of Understanding on the establishment of the BRICS network university. These fields include economics, BRICS studies, ecology and climate change, water resources and pollution treatment, computer science and information security, and energy. The groups worked out detailed plans for the elaboration of the joint curricula in the priority areas.

ITG in the BRICS Studies extensively discussed this new field and proposed to focuse in the future on the following three main areas: socioeconomic and sociopolitical development of BRICS countries; transnational relations among BRICS countries and global issues; and human condition and intercultural communication issues in BRICS countries.

ITG in Economics discussed a dozen of possible topics, some of which include regional and urban economies, international trade, migration and demography in BRICS, sustainable development, BRICS markets and cross-cultural management in BRICS countries.  

ITG in Computer Science and Information Security proposed to focus upon the following issues: big data systems, high performance computing, systems and software engineering, as well as information security. The group planned a number of both face-to-face and online meetings and discussions to be organized in the nearest future.

ITG in Ecology and Climate Change agreed to focus upon the following main topics: ecology of the Anthropocene; sustainable development and green growth; biodiversity assessment and management as well as climate change prediction, impacts, adaptation and mitigation.

ITG in Energy focused upon the plans for the next future. These plans include conference “Energy saving: theory and practice” to be organized in October 2016 at MPEI (Moscow, Russia), annual international conference (November 2016, Moscow), international students conference “Radio Electronics, Electrical and Power Engineering” (February 2017, Moscow) and a movable summer school to be organized annually by different BRICS NU universities. 

ITG in Water Resources and Pollution Treatment decided to held a summer school on water challenges for BRICS countries (Moscow, 2017), to focus on elaboration of a joint PhD programme on River Basin Management and to start joint research projects on ecological monitoring of water resources.