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ITG: BRICS studies

BRICS studies

The group aims at developing educational and research collaboration around the problem-atique of BRICS Studies. This problematique includes socioeconomic and sociopolitical development of BRICS countries, transnational relations among BRICS countries and global issues, human condition and intercultural communication issues in BRICS Coun-tries.

The BRICS Studies ITG seeks to develop joint initiatives in education and research through network implementation of collaborative Master and PhD programs, short courses and seminars for students, conferences and joint publications.

All joint actions of the BRICS Studies ITG in education and research are aimed at:

  1. Contributing to the production of knowledge relevant to the betterment of living condi-tions in BRICS countries;
  2. Designing new competencies for professionals in BRICS countries;
  3. Achieving open architecture of programs in interdisciplinary research areas and educa-tional programs;
  4. Suggesting innovative and outstanding courses only;
  5. Integrating methods and disciplines from humanities and social sciences. Mandatory in-country stay is a distinguishing feature of BRICS studies educational programs.

Member Universities

International Thematic Group «BRICS Studies» unites representatives of universities from Brazil (Unicamp), Russia (MGIMO, MISIS , MSU, TPU, TSU, RUDN, UrFU, SPSU, HSE, ITMO), India (Jamia Millia Islamia, TATA Institute of Social Sciences), China (Beijing Nor-mal University and Fudan University) and South Africa (Stellenbosch University and Uni-versity of Johannesburg). From 2016, the group is coordinated jointly by UrFU (Russia) and Jamia Millia Islamia (India).


Professor Sushant Gosh, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India, e-mail:

Maria Guzikova, Director of the Department for International Relations, Ural Federal Uni-versity, Russia, e-mail: