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The Second BRICS Young Scientist Forum to be organized at Zhejiang University

The Second BRICS Young Scientist Forum to be organized at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China


To implement the BRICS Leaders’ Declaration on “strengthening cooperation in science, technology and innovation (STI), especially leveraging young scientific talent for addressing societal challenges; creating a networking platform for BRICS young scientists”, and implement the instructions of BRICS STI ministers, China, as the BRICS Chair Country for 2017, will host the 2nd BRICS Young Scientist Forum from July 11th-15th at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. The theme of the forum is: Building Young Scientists’ Leadership in Science, Technology and Innovation.

The forum will provide a high-level platform of academic and policy exchange for talented young scientists as well as scientific personnel from BRICS countries to help them grow their skills, broaden their horizon and improve academic and policy qualifications, stimulate the interest of talented young scientists in the strategic research of future technologies, direct their attention to the most promising and important field of science and technology, promote exchanges and friendship, expand channels of cooperation, strengthen inter-disciplinary integration, encourage new academic inspirations, cultivate new academic disciplines and produce valuable policy advice.

The forum will choose three subjects from the ten thematic fields identified by BRICS, namely energy, material, biotechnology & biomedicine, as well as one cross-cutting field of science, technology and innovation policies, science communication and science popularization, and feature three parallel sessions and one general session (which will be set on the plenary session). The forum will have one chairman and one vice chairman, and each parallel session will have one chairman and one vice chairman, respectively held by one Chinese representative and one foreign representative. They will be responsible for call for the report of the sessions, moderating the discussion and summarizing the outcomes of the sessions.

The participants of the sessions in the three thematic fields of energy, material and biotechnology & biomedicine shall hold a doctor’s degree and have visible academic influence in the world or they shall be engineers and business starters with equivalent qualifications in the above three fields. The participants of the session on science, technology and innovation policies, science communication and science popularization shall have at least three years of working experience in the relevant fields and be familiar with their country’s work in the relevant fields.

Young scientists are also welcome to participate in this session to share best cases of science popularization and public awareness campaigns in this field.

The participants shall be selected and recommended by the science and technology ministries and funding parties of the five BRICS countries. It is advised that each country recommend about 20 participants.

If your university is interested to participate at the forum, please, apply to your Ministry of the Science and Technology. The organizers of the Forum will cover local expenses of the nominated participants.