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The Spring school for young researchers and students "BRICS’ Future: 2030"

BRICS Studies Center at Ural Federal University



the Spring school for young researchers and students "BRICS’ Future: 2030" to be held at the Ural Federal University in Ekaterinburg in the period of April 10-14th, 2017.


Last years witnessed growing tensions between and inside the main political centers of the world. Tendencies towards pluralization of the global power and governance, towards creation of the multipolar political world mark the current state of the world politics. And BRICS is rightly considered as one of the new centres in this respect. Though very young as an organization, BRICS unites countries struggling to establish strategic partnerships in the global South aiming at enhancing their political and economic independence as well as increasing their collective global influence. What BRICS would look like in 10-15 years from now? Would it develop or decline? In which ways is it likely to be transformed?

These are the main questions to be addressed and put into various scenarios by a multinational group of the students and young researchers from BRICS countries. The initiative is considered to be a discussion within the frames of the nascent multidisciplinary field of the BRICS studies, which include BRICS-related area studies, world economics, international politics and cognate disciples. Renowned keynote speakers will provide the input for the young researchers to develop the scenarios during the week to be spent in Ekaterinburg, Russia. The results will be published in the special edition of the InBRICS Newsletter of the UrFU BRICS Studies Center and will be made available for the decision-makers and stakeholders to adapt their strategies in order to achieve or avoid certain scenario.

This spring school for the graduate researchers will certainly contribute to the intensification of the BRICS countries dialogue in the field of social sciences and humanities in order to find the common identifiers, common problems and challenges for these countries.

Young researchers (Master and PhD students) from the participant universities of the BRICS Network University ( are specifically invited to participate. The school, however, is opened to everybody interested in BRICS studies.

The spring school will take place in Ekaterinburg, a city in the heart of Russia, on the geographical border between Europa and Asia. The participants will experience the "real" Russia in a vibrant, modern and fast-developing Ekaterinburg and its neighborhood.

The participants are expected to cover their travel expenses. Small number of the scholarships for the researchers and accompanying professors from the participant universities of the BRICS NU is available. The scholarship would cover accommodation expenses in Ekaterniburg for the whole duration of the school. No registration fee is envisaged.

Interested researchers should send their letter of intent accompanied by a short curriculum vitae as well as all relevant enquiries to Dr. Maria Guzikova, executive director of the BRICS Studies center, The deadline for the applications is March 15, 2017.


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